Company Profile

Since 1967, Kabar Industries has been a leading supplier to the electric utility industry for transmission and distribution products, servicing the electrical utilities, telecommunication, railroad, transportation, electrical contractors and municipal markets around the world.

Our staff includes both inside support and regional sales people, whose product knowledge and constant upgrading assures your company that the products you require come not only competitively priced but are backed with the information you need. All products Kabar supplies meet or exceed current CSA, CEA, IEEE, and ANSI standards.

As a leader in their field, Kabar represent many well known national and international brands of utility related equipment. Reference our Products Page.

One of Kabar's strengths is our affiliation with Almat Metals Limited. Almat Metals is a manufacturer of a wide range of pole line hardware, anchoring systems, primary and secondary multiplex above grade junction boxes and metal cabinetwork.

Almat Metals manufacturing expertise extends to metal stampings, drop forging, press forming and break presses. Using materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, ductile and malleable irons. With a skilled and certified workforce, Almat metals will fabricate custom designs from your drawings, have the product galvanized, or finished to your specification, then shipped to you at a very competitive price.

As one of the oldest distribution and manufacturing teams in the utility industry, Kabar and Almat are aware of the fact that each customer is unique, and we will do everything possible to meet your special needs.